Why Aadhya’s Envision Academy:

Aadhay’s Envision Academy propagating the knowledge of Abacus, Vedic Math & Kalfun as a strengthening and providing comprehensive education solutions of the highest quality to orient the student potential in a meaningful direction.

Our company policy is not to over burden the children but to enjoy the techniques followed by us. We promise to enhance our excellence in quality performance and methodology in the future.

In today’s world there is no escape from language and Mathematics, hence Abacus, Vedic Math & Kalfun will help to connect the children closely with math as one of the interesting subject.

Abacus and Kalfun enhances the brain, increases aptitude and develops sharp memory and improves concentration where we can see the Childs over all development in academics also.

Vedic Math is a derivative of one of our Vedas, imparting the knowledge which spread from our Ancient Mathematics. It has been observed over the years that the children are unable to calculate fast, Visualise the answers they tend to develop a fear for the subject and a feeling that Maths is tough; and it is not “every ones cup of tea”.

Introducing these programmes in schools helps children develop calculation skills and develops love for mathematics. It is essential for teachers to have knowledge of Vedic methods of fast calculations and to integrate them in their regular classrooms.

Aadhya’s Envision Academy is trying to train the children with out over burdening them with 2 books (A & B) for each level. We are using one single book for each level so that, they enjoy the learning techniques, we encourage them more in visualizing the answers. So they will not compare Abacus and Kalfun with the other academics.

Aadhya’s Envision Academy started introducing Abacus and Vedic Math as 8 months programme in schools. We want each and every child to know our ancient mathematical system. Our aim is to promote heart-based education for every one all over the students we reach.