Aadhya’s Envision Academy is trying to bring change in the field of education with Abacus, Kalfun & Vedic Math with global standards.

Abacus/ Vedic Math/ Kalfun:

Abacus is not a new term these days, but the techniques followed by us will be unique. The analysis has proved that with the help of these programme brain development occurs and build more confidence in a student. The standard Abacus can be used to perform addition, subtraction, division and multiplication.

Abacus/ Vedic Math/ Kalfun helps in:

Abacus helps in concentration improvement and brain development through the concept of visualization.

This programme develops mental arithmetic, concentration, observation and through dictation child will be a good listener.

As we need physical exercise for our body to make our self fit, we need mental exercise for brain development. With Abacus & Vedic Math a child can concentrate not only the programme they can concentrate in all the areas.

These programmes develop the ability to visualize and to be inspired, by giving such a problem solving and invention, is said to come from the right brain.

Abacus and Vedic math develop the ability to memorize, observe attentively (insight).